Welcome to your MVC App!

Your new MVC Web App + Reusable Framework is ready!

Step 1: Publish the Framework.Database (SSDT) project to your SQL Server by:

  • Double-click Framework.Database\Publish\PublishToDev.publish.xml to bring up the Publish form
  • Set your SQL connection by clicking the Edit button
  • Click Publish and SSDT will publish schema, SPs, views and data to your destination database

Step 2: Set the Framework.Entity (EF) connection strings to your SQL Server by::

  • Open Framework.WebApp\App_Data\ConnectionStrings.config
  • Change DatabaseServer.dev.GenesysFramework.com to your SQL Server machine name
  • For SQL Authentication, replace "Integrated Security=true" with "user id=USER; password=PASS;"

Step 3: Run the Framework.WebApp project!

  • Right-click the Framework.WebApp project and select Set as Startup Project
  • Press F5 to run
  • Click the Search link at the top, enter "i" for First Name, and click Search to see records with "i"

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What is the Genesys Framework?

Genesys Source Framework is a open-source, full-stack, cross-platform .NET solution that...

  • Eliminates the setup time on your next .NET project
  • Centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution
  • Allows your objects to be consumed by MVC, Web API, WPF, UWP, iOS, Android and more!

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