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  • Framework.WebApp: MVC Web App project. Quick-Start MVC web app that creates, reads, updates and deletes objects using CRUD-to-SQL to the FrameworkData database.
  • Framework.Models: Cross-Platform View Models project. Contains the Framework-level view models for http transport and .Serialize() built-in.
  • Framework.Interop: Cross-Platform Interface project. All projects reference this project so that interfaces are enforced in all tiers, and on mobile device as well.
  • Framework.DataAccess: Entity Framework (EF)/Data Access Object (DAO) project. Contains EF EDMX (database first), Data Access Objects, StoredProcedureEntity, ModelEntity, EntityReader and EntityWriter.
  • Framework.Database: SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) project. Contains view/SP layer for the Framework.DataAccess to consume.

Important: Check \App_Data\AppSettings.config and \App_Data\ConnectionStrings.config for current configuration settings.

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What is the Genesys Framework?

Genesys Framework is a business object reusability .NET project, quick-start w/ ready-to-run plumbing

  • Eliminates plumbing time on your .NET projects
  • Adds CRUD-to-SQL, CRUD-to-Services
  • Self-serializes, self-validates, self-tracks
  • Consumable by MVC, Web API, WPF, UWP, Xamarin

Other areas of interest

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